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15 Januari, 2013


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Short Functional Text adalah teks pendek yang berisi perintah, pengarahan, sesuatu yang harus dilakukan atau tidak boleh dilakukan yang dapat berupa larangan (prohibition), undangan (invitation), Kartu Ucapan (Greeting Cards),pesan pendek (short message), daftar belanja (shopping list), peringatan (notice), pengumuman (announcement), dan lain-lain yang mengandung makna dan digunakan dalam komunikasi sehari-hari.
Sedangkan teks essay yang berbentuk descriptive, narrative, recount, report, dan procedure merupakan text panjang yang bisa dikategorikan ke dalam Long Functional Text (Istilah ini tidak baku/tidak lazim digunakan).

1. Invitation

- Function / Purpose : To invite someone to attend an occation.
- The Structure/Parts : The Addressee (The person invited)

2. Salutation

- The message (the content of the message)
- The Sender
3. The requirements :

- It should have an accurate address
- It gives clear time, place, and activity
- It provides sufficient information about the inviter.
- Express that the writer is looking forward to seeing person
- If there is a dress code, state it in the lower left-hand corner

4. Greeting Cards

Various Types of Greeting Cards

Congratulating on a Success
Greeting a newly-born baby
Greeting a new year
Greeting Cards functions as an expression of sympathy and care to others.
1. The purpose :
a. To congratulate someone' achievement
b. To express sympathy on someone's
c. To motivate someone on gaining achivement
2 . The Important points
a. Clarify a clear purpose
b. Use a appraisal diction
c. Accurate addressee

5. Notice

Informational Notice

6. The Functions
a) Prohibition notifies people not to do something. People may find this kind of notice in a public places.
b) Caution or warning warns people to be careful in handling something. Ignoring the notice may cause injury or breaking the facilities.
c) Guidance gives information to people to do something appropriately.
d) The informational notice provides information that could be useful for people.

7. Announcement

Announcement for an Exhibition
Announcement at School
Announcemnt at a Market
a. The Functions: Announcement provides complete and clear information about certain events or ocation
b. The followings are some tips in writing announcement
- Straightforward and ease the readers to get information quickly
- Keep it short, inviting, and to the point.
- Clear and complete
- For a bad news, make a direct and no-nonsense statement.

8. Short Message

SMS (Short Message Services)
While you were out
a. The Functions : To send an important message to other people
b. Some Tips to write a short message
- Clear addressee (someone who receives the message)
- Straight forward
- If it is an instruction state it clearly.