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21 Oktober, 2012

Valuable Tips to Conserve Battery for Android

By on 05.44

The majority of the android users are using the older android phones such as éclair and cupcake. These smart phones face battery drain issues. Android fryo 2.2 comes equipped with longer battery life. It is not that difficult as you may imagine. You can download some applications to give your smart phone added life.  We have taken the liberty to provide some handy tips to prolong your android smart phone battery life. The users in order to preserve battery life will need to intelligently save battery. You can use these tips in desired combination or one by one. That depends on you.

Valuable Tips to Conserve Battery
  • Completely exhaust your android smart phone battery and recharge it to the maximum limit. Subsequently, download the system panel application. This application eliminates those tasks and applications which are not at working at the moment. This can enhance your battery life quite a bit. If you are using android’s earlier versions éclair and cupcake, you will need to download the switch toggle button widget. The widget will be placed on the main screen menu from where you can switch on/off Bluetooth, wi-fi, gps, Google account and much more. You can control light intensity with this widget and in order to prolong your battery, turn the light intensity to minimum. These small applications are integral in adding battery life to your android smart phone.
  • An application for saving the battery life of android smart phone is to download APN on/off widget. This will control EDGE and GPRS usage. Keep the widget on your main screen after downloading it and this way you can save more battery.
  • To save further android battery life, you can also switch to 2G networks as they consume less battery in comparison to 3G network. So when not required, switch off 3G network and switch to 2G network.
  • Remove all the worthless and discarded application from your android Smartphone by atrackdog. This application will uninstall all the unwanted applications from your Smartphone creating more room.
  • Over clocking speeds the smart phone and correspondingly drains your battery. We will advise against it, if you want longer battery life.
  • One idea for saving battery is to go to settings=accounts & sync=uncheck background data.  This saves battery life by disconnecting Google services with data connection.
  • You can view which application is using the most power by settings=about phone=battery use. You can turn battery consuming applications.
  • Amoled screen can consumes much less power and use black background because it takes the least power. Visit to get black images for your Smartphone.
  • You can turn off the wireless feature as it is constantly searching for internet connection. Go to settings=wireless controls=Wi FI.  It takes up quite some power. 
Wrapping up 

You can apply all of these changes to your éclair and cupcake smart phones to gain more battery life. Or you can alternate between one of them.