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10 Juni, 2011


By on 08.30

Apple launched its online data storage is called iCloud. With online storage, users of Apple products can store data on the internet, without having to use a computer hard drive or memory card in the phone.

iCloud develop a trend that takes the concept of computer users store data and information on the 'cloud' (cloud). With iCloud, owner of the iPhone, iPad, or the iMac will have access to the storage of documents, images, calendar data, and emails from various places, not only from a particular gadget.

ICloud Launch even introduced directly by one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs. "We thought it would be great," said Jobs.

However, iCloud has several limitations. For example, photos can only be stored for 30 days, with storage capacity of 1000 photos. ICloud Users also can save the document only by 5 gigabytes, although this relatively larger than other competitors online storage.

To synchronize (sync) music, which can not be obtained from Apple's iTunes store, users must pay $ 25 per year. However, in addition to music features add-on before, all services use iCloud can be obtained free of charge.

New customers can use if their gadget have iCloud IOS operating system version 4.3. However, in autumn, iCloud can be used in all of the IOS operating system.

The launch of this iCloud while replacing MobileMe, Apple's products before the production of online storage. To use MobileMe, users have to pocket U.S. $ 99 per year.

Previously, Amazon, Google, and even small companies are introducing Dropbox cloud storage with a variety of features. Even Amazon has introduced a cloud music player (music player online), which considered the future of digital music player